Foot Guard Project

Foot Guard Project


The shin bone is one of the strongest bones in the body and yet FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) requires it’s players wear shin guards but do not require the foot to be protected, yet the foot has 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 ligaments and muscles.  The Foot Guard by ZEDGE is the perfect product for people and corporations to get behind purchasing these for families that can’t afford to buy for their kids playing soccer, football, baseball, and lacrosse.  There are over twenty-four million kids playing soccer in the United States alone.

There are 1.1 million kids playing American football in high schools. There are 750 thousand lacrosse players, and there are 17.56 million playing baseball and softball.  There are thousands of foot injuries that happen every year to these kids and most of the injuries can be eliminated by wearing the Foot Guard by ZEDGE.

Pros For America’s Youth Foundation wants to help in fighting these injuries that can keep a child from playing and cost their parents a bunch of money on doctor and hospital bills.

Individuals can donate just $20 to supply one of the Foot Guards to a child who cannot afford to purchase the Foot Guard on TV or at a store. Your donation is tax deductible as we are a 501 ( c ) 3 organization. We will send you all the necessary forms when donation is made.

PFAY will have 10 of its Hall of Fame athletes who are now helping a favorite charity of their own to lend their name to this effort.  We, PFAY will donate one dollar of every Foot Guard purchased to these ten charities.  We expect to have charities such as Wounded Warriors, United Way, Salvation Army, St. Jude’s, and YMCA of the USA, Special Needs Children, American Cancer Society, Heart Association and UNICEF USA..

Pros For America’s Youth Foundation will hold press conferences with various Hall of Fame athletes to explain our cause for the Foot Guard Project.  We will ask corporate America to help.  We will go to many of our top corporations in the United States to help and ask them to purchase the Foot Guard for kids who can’t afford them

PFAY will purchase the product from ZEDGE Sports, LLC at a discounted price and then make sure that they are delivered to the qualified children who can not afford the Foot Guard.  We will make this a big event when we present the Foot Guards to the kids.  We will have all the newspapers in that area as well as the TV and radio stations covering the event.  The corporations that

sponsored  the kids will be recognized and a sticker with their logo will adhere to the Foot Guard as a reminder of their support.

4 Common Foot Injuries in the Athlete

by:   Coach

foot injuries, bunions, plantar fasciitis, athlete injuries, crossfit injuriesI love feet.They are a truly fascinating part of the body. In the foot, there are 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 ligaments and muscles. The irony lies in the fact that the rest of the lower extremity only has four bones (femur, patella, tibia, fibula), four joints, and 41 muscles. Basically, the foot dictates the rest of the movements that occur in the lower body. And I would argue that poor foot positioning could, in fact, cause someone neck pain.

The foot functions not only to absorb shock as we walk, squat, run, and jump, but also to provide a rigid surface from which we can push off and do it again. Many of the muscles that control foot movements have attachment higher in the leg, at the tibia and fibula. The high stress placed on the feet during athletic participation can cause imbalances in these muscles, leading to biomechanical dysfunction. When dysfunction arises, it can lead to significant pain and poor movement ability for the athlete.

In this article, I’ll highlight some of the most common overuse foot conditions that I treat.Additionally, we’ll discuss appropriate ways to manage the dysfunction until you finally decide to seek out someone smarter than you.

foot injuries, bunions, plantar fasciitis, athlete injuries, crossfit injuries

Stress Fractures Over the last year, I’ve seen my fair share of metatarsalstress fractures in CrossFit athletes. A stress fracture is usually the result of a combination of poor diet and overtraining.There are two groups of bone cells that are responsible for bone turnover. One group breaks bone down and the other builds it up. When that balance is disrupted, the rate of break down overrides the rate of build up and the bone becomes weakened. This is the mechanism of osteoporosis and osteopenia as well. Typically, this occurs in the second and third toes.

Symptoms include tenderness over the middle or most distal portion of the metatarsal (long foot bone) with moderate swelling on the top of the foot. Any loading or weight bearing is usually quite painful, and often athletes will have continued pain with rest. Initial X-rays are negative because the stress fracture is so small. A good ortho will take repeat films at three to four weeks to see if the body has started to develop a callous along that stress fracture. If that isn’t visible and pain persists, a bone scan or MRI may be warranted. Stress fractures are best managed with ice, decreased loading or non-weight-bearing, and casting in severe cases.

Leg anatomy by Pearson Scott Foresman [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Special Kids~Special Needs

Special Kid_Final_72 ACF logo

Pros for America’s Youth, along with Arizona Charities Foundation, is proud to announce our new program Special Kids – Special Needs.

There are estimated to be more than 10,000 children in Arizona alone that suffer from a classified “special needs” disorder. Our children face the challenges of Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases and disorders that impair their ability to enjoy so many of the things that many of us take for granted.

child-downs syn (2)

By providing venues, games, resources and events for these amazing, happy, lovable kids…the PFAY Special Kids-Special Needs program gives a momentary burst of joy and a sense of pride every month to each of our participating children and their families. From a movie night to a ballroom formal dance, from the water park to a children’s art exhibit, our sole focus is to help our beautiful children feel like “special” kids for at least one wonderful, fun filled day every month.

child-downs syn (1) Boy at Fair

Just one look at their bright eyes, big smiles, and of course all the giggles and belly laughs…and you can see the motivation we have to do what we do for these incredible, special children.

Arizona Charities Foundation is helping us raise money to hold these monthly events that are free to those families with Special Needs children. Any support that you may be able to provide is greatly appreciated. We can even give you a coupon Gift Card featuring dozens of local merchant discounts, BOGO’s and coupons if you are able to make a small contribution to help sponsor one of our kids.

kid cerebral-palsy-physcial-therapy

Our beautiful children deserve happiness, and with your help, we can give them one shining moment every month where they feel “special” and loved. Thank you for caring and thank you for your support!

America’s Cancer Kids

Pros for Americas Youth (PFAY) has been helping Americas kids get and stay healthy for over 20 years. Through all of our various programs, from our kNOw Tobacco program to the Healthy Straw to our continued support of Youth Baseball leagues, PFAY’s “GET FIT, STAY FIT” slogan has been nationally recognized for years.


While most children have a choice on how to do just that (GET FIT, STAY FIT), unfortunately some kids don’t have a say on their own health and well being. That’s why PFAY wants to help all children including those who get to choose how they live, and those who don’t.

Americas Cancer Kids_Final_72

Our America’s Cancer Kids program helps those children in selected communities who have life threatening illnesses or diseases which may prevent them from GETTING FIT and STAYING FIT. With over 13,000 children being diagnosed with a form of cancer each year (, PFAY wants to bring a ray of hope, a smile and maybe even laughter, if even for just a few moments, to as many of these amazing kids as financially possible.

Kid drawing hair

As PFAY procures funding in each of our 50 United States, cancer stricken children in each funded state can receive surprise gifts baskets (called Monkey Baskets) filled with toys, games, special event tickets, gift cards, clothing, electronics and of course, monkeys!! PFAY even arranges an occasional visit to the hospitals from one of our Hall of Fame athletes! In some of these children’s darkest moments, PFAY, in cooperation with the children’s parents, caregivers and current medical professionals, will bring a smile to a childs face that even the most healthiest of kids would be envious of.

With funding through grants, public, private and corporate contributions, local and national fundraising, and through donations from passionate individuals throughout America, PFAY will continue to bring those incredible smiles to America’s Cancer Kids who proudly fight the struggle of cancer every day of their lives.

Dad kissing kid

Our initially nominated America’s Cancer Kids state was Arizona. PFAY was proud to announce the Arizona Cancer Kids program in 2014 with hopes of delivering as many surprise Monkey Baskets to as many Arizona Cancer Kids as possible. Kids love monkeys for their silly antics and human like behavior so we bring that playfulness to Arizona Cancer Kids in a basket full of gifts and goodies.

Initial gift baskets were delivered to Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH). Since then, we have delivered hundreds of baskets to PCH, The Ryan House in Phoenix, Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa and Diamond Children’s Medical Center in Tucson. With a goal of 100 Monkey Baskets being delivered each month, it is imperative that we reach as many kids as possible due to the unfair, but realistically short life span many of these children are suffering through.

Pink Shirt Girl

Photographs and videos of the gift baskets being delivered, capturing these precious and touching delivery moments, will be posted on our Facebook page at , as permitted by the child’s parent or caregiver, in celebration of their child’s special day.

If you would like your state to be next up on our list of America’s Cancer Kids recipients, please contact us via email at and let us know about your child’s cancer related illness and how PFAY can help bring a huge smile to his or her face, and quite likely generate a few giggles too, through our Monkey Basket gift program.

Global Rescuers

global rescuersPros For America’s Youth Foundation is going to help Global Rescuers get donations for their plight of helping animals and people that need to be rescued.


Global Rescuers needs funds to continue the work of producing quality programming about people, rescuing animals, rescuing people. Our mission is to show the people who do the work of rescue, all the while getting rescued themselves. Abandoned animals are often euthanized quickly to reduce the numbers in shelters.The show features the groups waiting at the other end of the shelters to take these animals, vet them and get them adopted into forever homes. There are literally thousands of stories of rescue of animals and people, our goal is to tell their stories. The four premises of the show are: donate, volunteer and pay it forward.


 In honor of Meghan our sheep dog who passed away in May of 2014


 Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Kimber Leigh (Producer),  Cory Mandell (Executive Producer)


To raise awareness, thus raising our collective consciousness, around the world as we serve as a conduit between those that rescue animals and those whose lives can be enriched by the stories waiting to be told.  



Pros For America’s Youth is working hard to help the youth of this country fight obesity.  If something is not done to help these children, we will lose a large percentage of them due to health problems that will lead to death at an early age. This will cost our country billions of tax dollars for their health care.  Our Chairman, Mark Hannah, has an answer to help educate about the dangers of obesity and how to fight it by joining forces with another non-profit organization, Operation Tone Up. (

Our objective is to have Hall of Fame athletes Paul Hornung—NFL, Mike Ditka—NFL, Dick Butkus—NFL, John Havlicek–NBA, Gayle Sayers—NFL, Sam Huff–NFL, Tony Dorsett—NFL, Earl Campbell—NFL, Nick Buoniconti–NFL, Phil Niekro—MLB, Ferguson Jenkins—MLB, Don Maynard—NFL, Jan Stenerud—NFL, Bill Mazeroski—MLB, Bobby Orr—NHL, Paul Molitor—MLB, Robin Yount—MLB, Bob Lanier–NBA ( If their present contracts will allow and they agree to do for our cause), record a ninety second commercial for Pros For America’s Youth that we can use in our classroom presentation. These commercials can be shown in the local regions where that athlete played their sport. We will be able, because of the power of television and the Internet, to invite some of the influential people in the various communities who can support this concept of saving lives.

The core program sponsored by Pros for America’s Youth is our awareness program, an awareness prevention program that targets elementary schools only. The program’s approach is clear: We educate the children at a very early age about the dangers of OBESITY, and how to fight it.

A key component of the program will be CD educational tapes issued to each school. These CDs will teach the causes of obesity and how to combat it. Operation Tone Up and Pros For America’s Youth will also have the help of Influence the Cause, which is a fundraising organization that uses videos and other various marketing tools to inform the public of our programs.


“kNOw Tobacco®” Program Overview

One of our first and very successful programs sponsored by Pros For America’s Youth Foundation (PFAY) was the “kNOw Tobacco®” program.

“kNOw Tobacco®” is an educational and awareness prevention program that targets elementary schools only.  The program’s approach is clear: “Be Smart, Never Start”!  The children are presented with facts about tobacco and results of tobacco use.  We empower the children to decide not to use tobacco products and to choose a healthy lifestyle.

This interactive program is designed for children to have fun while learning about the dangers of tobacco.  The program kicks off with a school-wide assembly, which introduces the program’s dinosaur mascot, Knowtobaccosaurus Rex©, and program information.  The children and teachers are trained and prepared for the program.  Teacher guides, “kNOw Tobacco®” videos, and coloring/comic books are introduced through our web site. We ask the children to join our “Be Smart, Never Start” club. Membership packets are sent home for parental approval.  Upon joining, the students receive a certificate, membership card with access to the “kNOw Tobacco®” educational program web site.  When the school has completed the membership drive, it receives a Dinosaur Trophy Award as a constant reminder of the school’s pledge to “Be Smart, Never Start” to tobacco use. 

A key component of the program is a dinosaur character named Knowtobaccosaurus Rex©.  He is the authority on tobacco use and engages the children in a coloring book and comic book story.  The books discuss the dangers of tobacco use and promote tobacco-free lifestyles by empowering children to make a positive choice for their overall health and well being. We introduce various dinasaurs who have become extinct, they are the following:Smokesalottacigasaurus, Coughanhacasaur, Chewtobaccospitasaur, Wollymammathpuffapypaderm,Stuntagrowthasaurus,Tynababysaurus,Yellowteethtobaccobreathasurus,
, Secondhansmokeasaur, Ciggarasaurus, Tumorasaur, and Taralungasuar. Contact Mark Hannah at (606) 465-2400


Mission Statement

Pros For America’s Youth Foundation is dedicated to helping all children in making better decisions.  We have had prgrams in anti-drugs and anti-smoking that were very successful, but today there is a much larger problem facing our youth, OBESITY

Children today need to learn to make the right decisions about what the chose to do for their health.  We have adopted a preventative approach to factors that threaten our young leaders.  This ideology is reflected in our slogans: “GET FIT,STAY FIT and”Be Smart, Never Start”, by kNOwing about the dangers of tobacco use.  It is our belief that through education we can bridge the communication gap and positively impact our children’s lives.  Athletes realize the importance of getting fit and staying away from tobacco, and if we can touch the lives of just some of our youth, then we have accomplished our goal.

Mark Hannah and Pros for Americas Youth

Mark Hannah at Tecolote Beach

Mark Hannah at Tecolote Beach

We had the pleasure this week to meet with Mr. Mark Hannah from Kentucky.  He had never been to Baja, never to La Paz!   Mark is an amazing and wonderful man.   After his brief career with the NFL, Mark embarked on forming a non profit organization called Pro’s for America’s Youth, that has worked through the school system to educate over 400,000 kids on the dangers of tobacco use. Now his organizatin is helping the youth learn about obesity and how to stop it.

Mark with the Santa Ana family and Ramon Garcia

Mark with the Santa Ana family and Ramon Garcia

Mark has enlisted many of his peers from the NFL, NBA and MLB  to mentor young people around the Americas.  Mark’s current project is to address the childhood obesity problem with America’s youth with the introduction of the HEALTHY STRAW, a unique non system of being able to get one’s need for A GREAT TASTING DRINK, without all the additives and sugars in todays sodas and sports drinks.

Mark was very supportive of our own annual Charity fishing tournament, the La Paz Gold Cup.

KiZa, Newtek, Baja Quest, La Paz Gold Cup Team

KiZa, Newtek, Baja Quest, La Paz Gold Cup Team

This year is our second annual Gold Cup Charity Black and Blue Marlin Fishing tournament.

Through the local Rotary Club this tournament raises funds for the Children of La Paz and DIF, the government agency responsible for the welfare of children in Mexico.

Last year, many needy children received prosthetic limbs, emergency funds, and other forms of support.

You can learn more about Marks program at

For more information, comments or questions, please drop me a line



Pros For America’s Youth Foundation (PFAY) was founded by Mark Hannah in May of 1988 as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization incorporated in the State of West Virginia. The organization moved to Arizona in 1989. The Foundation has been actively devising and pursuing educational programs for implementation in Arizona’s schools with the assistance of professional athletes.

In 1993 the organization formed the “kNOw Tobacco” campaign as a natural extension of the Foundation’s youth-oriented educational efforts. PFAY originally set out to educate young children on the negative effects of drugs. We soon figured out that tobacco use was the gateway to most drug use, so we have evolved from a group with numerous ideas into a group that is creating and implementing a comprehensive educational school program that is directed to teach the very young children (K-6 grades)that tobacco use can lead to other more harmful drugs. “Be smart, Never Start”

The “kNOw Tobacco®” program is PFAY’s comprehensive education program. We appreciate all the help we have had from the former Governor of West Virginia and now Senator Joe Manchin, who played college football with our Chairman, Mark Hannah.  

We thank, Jack Whitaker, the Powerball Winner who donated the coloring books to every elementary student in West Virginia for our “kNOw Tobacco Program”, and to all the principals and teachers and even the students who made it all possible. We thank you all. We hope everyone can now help us on our new adventure of fighting childhood obesity.

We also want to thank the people in Arizona, like Senator John McCain, Don Hannah, and Ken Lind, who were so helpful in making our program such a success. To help us in our program call Mark Hannah (606) 465-2400