Play it Cool

The Play it Cool Pledge

As a dedicated advocate of the elimination of unnecessary violence in sports, I pledge and promise that I will not accept, nor will I participate in, any level of unnecessary violence, aggression or showmanship in any sport that I play.

I will conduct myself in a manner that exemplifies good sportsmanship at all times. I will encourage others, through my own behavior, to act in a manner that does not bring unnecessary physical or emotional harm to another.

I will play my sport hard and fair. I will respect all officials of the game in which I am playing.

South Lexington Youth Baseball Play’s it Cool.


The kids at SLYB (South Lexington Youth Baseball)have taken the Play it Cool Pledge.

SLYB produced the 1992, and 2002, 2003, 2006 Cal Ripken 12 year old World Series Champions, as well as runners up in 1998, 1999,2007,2008 and 2010. The league produced such great players former Cincinnati Reds sensation Austin Kearns. Play it Cool assist the league in making parents aware of the importance of keeping a cool head and displaying good sportsmenship, as well as making the kids aware of Pros for America’s Youth flagship program kNOw Tobacco and to BE SMART NEVER START.

Pros for America’s Youth has contributed thousands of dollars to the development of a web based league management system that the kids of SLYB use to communicate and run their league.  Contact us about helping your league run smoothly and efficiently by using this system. Click Here to contact Play it Cool Director Mike Queenan.