Pros For America’s Youth Foundation (PFAY) was founded by Mark Hannah in May of 1988 as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization incorporated in the State of West Virginia. The organization moved to Arizona in 1989. The Foundation has been actively devising and pursuing educational programs for implementation in Arizona’s schools with the assistance of professional athletes.

In 1993 the organization formed the “kNOw Tobacco” campaign as a natural extension of the Foundation’s youth-oriented educational efforts. PFAY originally set out to educate young children on the negative effects of drugs. We soon figured out that tobacco use was the gateway to most drug use, so we have evolved from a group with numerous ideas into a group that is creating and implementing a comprehensive educational school program that is directed to teach the very young children (K-6 grades)that tobacco use can lead to other more harmful drugs. “Be smart, Never Start”

The “kNOw Tobacco®” program is PFAY’s comprehensive education program. We appreciate all the help we have had from the former Governor of West Virginia and now Senator Joe Manchin, who played college football with our Chairman, Mark Hannah.  

We thank, Jack Whitaker, the Powerball Winner who donated the coloring books to every elementary student in West Virginia for our “kNOw Tobacco Program”, and to all the principals and teachers and even the students who made it all possible. We thank you all. We hope everyone can now help us on our new adventure of fighting childhood obesity.

We also want to thank the people in Arizona, like Senator John McCain, Don Hannah, and Ken Lind, who were so helpful in making our program such a success. To help us in our program call Mark Hannah (606) 465-2400