“kNOw Tobacco®” Program Overview

One of our first and very successful programs sponsored by Pros For America’s Youth Foundation (PFAY) was the “kNOw Tobacco®” program.

“kNOw Tobacco®” is an educational and awareness prevention program that targets elementary schools only.  The program’s approach is clear: “Be Smart, Never Start”!  The children are presented with facts about tobacco and results of tobacco use.  We empower the children to decide not to use tobacco products and to choose a healthy lifestyle.

This interactive program is designed for children to have fun while learning about the dangers of tobacco.  The program kicks off with a school-wide assembly, which introduces the program’s dinosaur mascot, Knowtobaccosaurus Rex©, and program information.  The children and teachers are trained and prepared for the program.  Teacher guides, “kNOw Tobacco®” videos, and coloring/comic books are introduced through our web site. We ask the children to join our “Be Smart, Never Start” club. Membership packets are sent home for parental approval.  Upon joining, the students receive a certificate, membership card with access to the “kNOw Tobacco®” educational program web site.  When the school has completed the membership drive, it receives a Dinosaur Trophy Award as a constant reminder of the school’s pledge to “Be Smart, Never Start” to tobacco use. 

A key component of the program is a dinosaur character named Knowtobaccosaurus Rex©.  He is the authority on tobacco use and engages the children in a coloring book and comic book story.  The books discuss the dangers of tobacco use and promote tobacco-free lifestyles by empowering children to make a positive choice for their overall health and well being. We introduce various dinasaurs who have become extinct, they are the following:Smokesalottacigasaurus, Coughanhacasaur, Chewtobaccospitasaur, Wollymammathpuffapypaderm,Stuntagrowthasaurus,Tynababysaurus,Yellowteethtobaccobreathasurus,
, Secondhansmokeasaur, Ciggarasaurus, Tumorasaur, and Taralungasuar. Contact Mark Hannah at (606) 465-2400