Pros For America’s Youth is working hard to help the youth of this country fight obesity.  If something is not done to help these children, we will lose a large percentage of them due to health problems that will lead to death at an early age. This will cost our country billions of tax dollars for their health care.  Our Chairman, Mark Hannah, has an answer to help educate about the dangers of obesity and how to fight it by joining forces with another non-profit organization, Operation Tone Up. (www.operationtoneup.com)

Our objective is to have Hall of Fame athletes Paul Hornung—NFL, Mike Ditka—NFL, Dick Butkus—NFL, John Havlicek–NBA, Gayle Sayers—NFL, Sam Huff–NFL, Tony Dorsett—NFL, Earl Campbell—NFL, Nick Buoniconti–NFL, Phil Niekro—MLB, Ferguson Jenkins—MLB, Don Maynard—NFL, Jan Stenerud—NFL, Bill Mazeroski—MLB, Bobby Orr—NHL, Paul Molitor—MLB, Robin Yount—MLB, Bob Lanier–NBA ( If their present contracts will allow and they agree to do for our cause), record a ninety second commercial for Pros For America’s Youth that we can use in our classroom presentation. These commercials can be shown in the local regions where that athlete played their sport. We will be able, because of the power of television and the Internet, to invite some of the influential people in the various communities who can support this concept of saving lives.

The core program sponsored by Pros for America’s Youth is our awareness program, an awareness prevention program that targets elementary schools only. The program’s approach is clear: We educate the children at a very early age about the dangers of OBESITY, and how to fight it.

A key component of the program will be CD educational tapes issued to each school. These CDs will teach the causes of obesity and how to combat it. Operation Tone Up and Pros For America’s Youth will also have the help of Influence the Cause, which is a fundraising organization that uses videos and other various marketing tools to inform the public of our programs.