America’s Cancer Kids

Pros for Americas Youth (PFAY) has been helping Americas kids get and stay healthy for over 20 years. Through all of our various programs, from our kNOw Tobacco program to the Healthy Straw to our continued support of Youth Baseball leagues, PFAY’s “GET FIT, STAY FIT” slogan has been nationally recognized for years.


While most children have a choice on how to do just that (GET FIT, STAY FIT), unfortunately some kids don’t have a say on their own health and well being. That’s why PFAY wants to help all children including those who get to choose how they live, and those who don’t.

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Our America’s Cancer Kids program helps those children in selected communities who have life threatening illnesses or diseases which may prevent them from GETTING FIT and STAYING FIT. With over 13,000 children being diagnosed with a form of cancer each year (, PFAY wants to bring a ray of hope, a smile and maybe even laughter, if even for just a few moments, to as many of these amazing kids as financially possible.

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As PFAY procures funding in each of our 50 United States, cancer stricken children in each funded state can receive surprise gifts baskets (called Monkey Baskets) filled with toys, games, special event tickets, gift cards, clothing, electronics and of course, monkeys!! PFAY even arranges an occasional visit to the hospitals from one of our Hall of Fame athletes! In some of these children’s darkest moments, PFAY, in cooperation with the children’s parents, caregivers and current medical professionals, will bring a smile to a childs face that even the most healthiest of kids would be envious of.

With funding through grants, public, private and corporate contributions, local and national fundraising, and through donations from passionate individuals throughout America, PFAY will continue to bring those incredible smiles to America’s Cancer Kids who proudly fight the struggle of cancer every day of their lives.

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Our initially nominated America’s Cancer Kids state was Arizona. PFAY was proud to announce the Arizona Cancer Kids program in 2014 with hopes of delivering as many surprise Monkey Baskets to as many Arizona Cancer Kids as possible. Kids love monkeys for their silly antics and human like behavior so we bring that playfulness to Arizona Cancer Kids in a basket full of gifts and goodies.

Initial gift baskets were delivered to Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH). Since then, we have delivered hundreds of baskets to PCH, The Ryan House in Phoenix, Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa and Diamond Children’s Medical Center in Tucson. With a goal of 100 Monkey Baskets being delivered each month, it is imperative that we reach as many kids as possible due to the unfair, but realistically short life span many of these children are suffering through.

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Photographs and videos of the gift baskets being delivered, capturing these precious and touching delivery moments, will be posted on our Facebook page at , as permitted by the child’s parent or caregiver, in celebration of their child’s special day.

If you would like your state to be next up on our list of America’s Cancer Kids recipients, please contact us via email at and let us know about your child’s cancer related illness and how PFAY can help bring a huge smile to his or her face, and quite likely generate a few giggles too, through our Monkey Basket gift program.