About Us

Pros For America’s Youth was founded by Mark Hannah in West Virginia in 1988. It was moved to Arizona where it enlisted the support of many former professional athletes to help in the anti-drug and gang problems that were facing our youth. After several years of going from high school to high school, introducing our program to the students that were “high risk”, we recognized that the problem started at a much younger age.  We found that most drug problems are “gradual bad habits” that many times start with smoking.  We have made studies on tobacco use and found that this is a major health issue facing the youth of this country.  Kids look up to athletes and will listen to a former or current professional athlete about almost any subject.  Keeping fit and eating properly is something that an athlete “really” knows about and can teach children how important it is to stay in shape and stay away from tobacco products. We have worked with children in several states, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and mostly Arizona. In Arizona, we have recently been helping special needs children as well as those children suffering from cancer. We are also joining up with another Arizona non-profit to help kids “Know Your Nutrients” through an organization called Operation Tone Up. We think we can eventually cure diabetes through this program. Our plan is to continue to help as many children as possible through our own programs and with the help of our wonderful partners.

Pros For America’s Youth is an Arizona 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with mailing address 13250 N 99th Place, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 and we are in Good Standing with the Arizona corporation commission, with a File Number of 0834471-7. Our Statutory Agent is Weiss MOY Harris PC of 4204 Brown Ave., Scottsdale,AZ 85251.