Global Rescuers

global rescuersPros For America’s Youth Foundation is going to help Global Rescuers get donations for their plight of helping animals and people that need to be rescued.


Global Rescuers needs funds to continue the work of producing quality programming about people, rescuing animals, rescuing people. Our mission is to show the people who do the work of rescue, all the while getting rescued themselves. Abandoned animals are often euthanized quickly to reduce the numbers in shelters.The show features the groups waiting at the other end of the shelters to take these animals, vet them and get them adopted into forever homes. There are literally thousands of stories of rescue of animals and people, our goal is to tell their stories. The four premises of the show are: donate, volunteer and pay it forward.


 In honor of Meghan our sheep dog who passed away in May of 2014


 Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Kimber Leigh (Producer),  Cory Mandell (Executive Producer)


To raise awareness, thus raising our collective consciousness, around the world as we serve as a conduit between those that rescue animals and those whose lives can be enriched by the stories waiting to be told.